"Two decades of tryst with fate has evolved a blueprint for the coming four decades" - ASHFAAQ A. Khan

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए क्लिक करें

"दो दशकों के संघर्ष ने आने वाले चार दशकों की रूपरेखा तैयार कर दी है" - अशफाक खान is a Counsellor, Educator, Influencer and Mentor for the cause of Disability

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए क्लिक करें समान विचारधारा वाले लोगों का एक समूह है जो विकलांगता के लिए एक परामर्शदाता, शिक्षक, प्रभावक और सलाहकार है!

Come. Join the Movement. is a Counsellor, Educator, Influencer and Mentor for the cause of Disability the world over no matter where you are and what you do -- irrespective of region, religion, race or gender.

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए क्लिक करें दुनिया भर में विकलांगता के लिए एक परामर्शदाता, शिक्षक, प्रभावक और सलाहकार (मार्गदर्शक) है, चाहे आप कहीं भी हों और कुछ भी करते हों - क्षेत्र, धर्म, नस्ल या लिंग की परवाह किए बिना।

We are unconditionally committed to working continually for uplifting the status of and empowering the individuals of the disabled fraternity in their respective communities and the societies they live in. We intend to work in tendem with the governments of the lands and also autonomously to bring about a change in humankind's attitude, mindset and thinking towards the Disability and the Disabled. To us Planet Earth is a global village and we pledge to make just a 'little' change in peoples' lives. Together we make it happen. Come, join and contribute your time and thought to make this world a better inclusive place to coexist for all.

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए क्लिक करें

हम अपने संबंधित समुदायों और जिस समाज में रहते हैं, वहां विकलांग बिरादरी के व्यक्तियों की स्थिति को ऊपर उठाने और उन्हें सशक्त बनाने के लिए लगातार काम करने के लिए बिना शर्त प्रतिबद्ध हैं। हम देश की सरकारों के साथ मिलकर और स्वायत्त रूप से विकलांगता और विकलांगों के प्रति मानव जाति के दृष्टिकोण, मानसिकता और सोच में बदलाव करने का इरादा रखते हैं। हमारे लिए पृथ्वी एक वैश्विक गांव है और हम लोगों के जीवन में बस एक 'थोड़ा सा' बदलाव लाने की प्रतिज्ञा करते हैं। हम सब मिलकर इसे संभव बना सकते हैं । आइए, शामिल हों और इस दुनिया को सभी के लिए सह-अस्तित्व के लिए एक बेहतर समावेशी जगह बनाने के लिए अपना समय और विचारो से योगदान दें।


"I want to give away with donation and/or conceive, create, design and develop Products and Services for the Disabled; want to reimagine the devices with appropriate technologies making them more affordable, adaptive, user-friendly and inclusive."


"My mission is to work as a Counsellor, Educator, Influencer, and Mentor for the differently able, making them society inclusive and championing the cause of Disability worldwide, transcending all barriers of region, religion, race or gender."

"Accessibility and Mobility are perhaps the two most probable resolutions for Disability in the foreseeable future; both institutions and individuals must pledge to make optimum use of Accessibility and Mobility in order to make a little difference in the lives of the Disabled."



A majority of the handicapped belong to lower income groups. Which is why they need our attention. The scale and magnitude of Disability in India without exaggeration could be nearly one-third of the entire population in one way or another. Without controversy, let's be honest to admit the extent of Disability in India for which we are not bothered to listen to the wake-up alarm, especially after pandemic, and in the wake of the present economic hardships the Disabled face.

Compasson and Care for the Disabled

विकलांगों के प्रति दया और करुणा


At, our vision is to be a steadfast Counsellor, Educator, Influencer, and Mentor, advocating for the cause of Disability worldwide, transcending boundaries of region, religion, color, or gender. We wholeheartedly commit ourselves to uplifting and empowering individuals within the disabled fraternity, fostering positive change within their communities and societies.

We firmly believe in the power of collaboration, working hand in hand with governments and autonomously, to bring about a transformative shift in humanity's perspective towards Disability and the Disabled. Our dedication knows no bounds as we strive to alter attitudes, mindsets, and societal paradigms, championing the cause of inclusion and equal opportunities.

Embracing the idea of Planet Earth as a global village, we envision a world where every individual, regardless of their abilities, can thrive. We pledge to create meaningful impact in people's lives, one step at a time, fostering an environment of compassion, empathy, and acceptance.

Together, we are catalysts of change, uniting people from all walks of life to join hands and contribute their time and thoughts towards crafting a better, more inclusive world. At, we strive to build a society where everyone coexists harmoniously, celebrating diversity and unlocking the potential of all individuals.


At, our mission is to serve as a dedicated Counsellor, Educator, Influencer, and Mentor, championing the cause of Disability worldwide, transcending all barriers of location, religion, color, or gender. We are driven by an unwavering commitment to continuously uplift and empower individuals within the disabled fraternity, fostering positive change within their communities and societies.

Our primary focus is to collaborate with governments and operate independently, working hand in hand with all stakeholders to create a profound transformation in humankind's attitude, mindset, and perception towards Disability and the Disabled. We believe that the entire planet is a global villabe, and we wholeheartedly pledge to bring about meaningful, albeit incremental, changes in people's lives.

Our collective efforts are grounded in the firm belief that every individual has a significant role to play in fostering an inclusive world. Together, we strive to create an environment of acceptance, equality, and accessibililty, where all individuals can thrive, irrespective of their abilities.

We invite one and all to join us on this impactful journey, contributing their time, thoughts, and energies to make this world a better, more compassionate, and inclusive place for everyone to coexist harmoniously. At, we envision a future where diversity is celebrated, barriers are dismantled, and the potential of every individual is recognised, unlocking a world of possibilities for the betterment of humanity.


At, our core values serve as the guiding principles that steer our actions and define our identity as an institution:

  1. Inclusivity: We firmly believe in fostering a society that embraces diversity and inclusivity, ensuring that individuals with disabilities are respected, valued, and provided equal opportunities in all aspects of life.
  2. Empowerment: We are dedicated to empowering persons with disabilities, enabling them to lead fulfilling lives by advocating for their rights, providing resources, and promoting self-advocacy.
  3. Collaboration: We recognize the significance of collaboration and actively seek partnerships with governments, institutions, and like-minded organizations to amplify our impact and create positive change on a global scale.
  4. Compassion: Our work is driven by compassion and empathy, as we strive to understand the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities and work tirelessly to address their needs with sensitivity and care.
  5. Innovation: We embrace innovation and continuously seek new approaches, technologies, and solutions to overcome barriers and enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities.
  6. Integrity: We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all our endeavors, ensuring transparency, accountability, and honesty in our interactions with stakeholders and beneficiaries.
  7. Respect: We treat every individual with respect, dignity, and without discrimination, valuing their unique experiences, perspectives, and contributions to society.
  8. Advocacy: As advocates for disability rights, we engage in raising awareness, influencing policies, and challenging societal norms to create a more inclusive and accessible world.
  9. Empathy: We actively cultivate empathy among communities, promoting understanding and acceptance of the challenges faced by persons with disabilities.
  10. Impact-driven: Our focus remains on generating tangible, measurable outcomes that positively impact the lives of persons with disabilities, striving for meaningful and sustainable change.

With these values at the core of our Vision and Mission, remains steadfast in its commitment to making a lasting difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities worldwide.

According to WHO, an estimated 1.3 billion people experience significant disability. This represents 16% of the world's population of 8 billion, or 1 in 6 of us. The overall prevalence of disability in India is 4.5%. Locomotor disability is the most common type of disability among the population says There is no census data after 2011 in India, therefore, disability numbers are difficult to estimate or predict. Mental disorders are a leading cause of disability worldwide, with no evidence of a decrease in this burden since 1990. Especially after the pandemic, the number of mentally disabled individuals has significantly increased. There are four main categories that define disabilities: (a) Behavioural or Emotional, (b) Sensory Impaired Disorders, (c) Physical, and (d) Developmental."

Disability is caused in three ways -- by birth, by accident, and by circumstances. When I say circumstances, I mean to say it is due to the failure of our policies, ineptness of our system, and our (in)actions in time. A stitch in time saves nine is unarguably true. Ironically, though, enough remains to be done for the Disability and the Disabled everywhere, not only in India alone.

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WE endeavour to empower the Disabled to lead a better life with little change in our mindset making them more inclusive and accessible to the world they are an integral part of

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We will Make History Together

हम मिलकर इतिहास बनाएंगे

People with Disabilities are the largest minority group in the world. Anyone can be Disable due to accident or old age. Disability affects the lives of everyone at some point in their life. And, hence, it is now time that the society changed to acknowledge this fact.

  Self Help | स्वयं सहायता

Self-help for disabled individuals can include joining support groups, advocating for their needs, building a support network, prioritising self-care, setting realistic goals, embracing assistive technology, and focusing on abilities rather than limitations. By practicing these strategies, disabled individuals can improve their self-esteem, build resilience, and achieve greater independence and fulfillment in their lives.

  Women with Disabilities | विकलांग महिलाएं

Women with disabilities face unique challenges that intersect gender and disability discrimination. They are often excluded from social and economic opportunities and experience higher rates of poverty, unemployment, and violence. Many women with disabilities also face barriers in accessing healthcare, education, and adequate housing. Society's narrow definition of beauty and normality further marginalizes women with disabilities, leading to social isolation and lower self-esteem. Advocacy and awareness-raising efforts are needed to address the systemic barriers that women with disabilities face and promote their inclusion and empowerment. It's essential to recognize and respect their diverse experiences, abilities, and contributions to society.

  Early Intervention | समय से पहले हस्तक्षेप

Early intervention refers to identifying and addressing developmental or health concerns in individuals as early as possible. This approach is important because it allows for timely and effective support to improve outcomes and prevent potential long-term problems. Early intervention can take many forms, such as screening for developmental delays, providing therapy or treatment, and offering support and resources to families. Examples of early intervention include speech therapy for children with language delays, social support for individuals with mental health challenges, and targeted education programs for at-risk youth. Overall, early intervention has been shown to be an effective way to improve outcomes for individuals and society as a whole.

  Training and Employment | प्रशिक्षण और रोजगार

Disabled individuals face unique challenges in finding employment, but there are resources available to help. Vocational rehabilitation services can provide job training, career counseling, and other forms of support to help individuals with disabilities gain the skills and experience necessary to find and maintain employment. Additionally, there are programs and initiatives that incentivize employers to hire and accommodate disabled individuals in the workplace. By creating a more inclusive and accessible work environment, employers can benefit from the unique perspectives and contributions that disabled individuals can bring to the workforce. It is important to continue to advocate for policies and practices that promote equal access to training and employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

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Kevin Thomson

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About | हमारे बारे में

WE endeavour to empower the disabled to lead a better life with little change in our mindset making them more inclusive and accessible to the world they are an integral part of


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